Adnan G. (In-person and online tutoring)

Tutor since January 2017

450+ hours of tutoring

I have been teaching/tutoring high school and college physics and math for more than 19 years. I am currently teaching calculus, physics, and chemistry at a private high school, and physics, calculus, and algebra at a college in Philadelphia. I hold valid PA teaching certificates for math and physics.


* All high school math subjects from pre-algebra to calculus

* Algebra and calculus based physics for high school and college

* High school chemistry

* SAT (math), ACT (math and science)

* SAT Subject Tests  in Physics and Math

Sarah C.

Tutor since June 2017

165+ hours of tutoring

I am currently a high school science and special education teacher with the School District of Philadelphia. I am also the Varsity Swim Coach at my school. As a second career teacher and parent of three teens of my own, I bring a broad variety of career and life experience to the classroom and tutoring. I love seeing students succeed in and out of the classroom. I work to modify grade level content for students of all abilities.



* High school chemistry

* Middle school science

* Middle school math

* Elementary subjects


Louis F.

Tutor since January 2020

5+ hours of tutoring

I am a former Philadelphia school teacher and currently working as a Web Developer. I graduated from Temple University with a degree in mathematics and education. I am passionate about helping students build upon the skills they posses to succeed in mathematics by introducing them to multiple perspectives to tackle problems and conceptualize mathematical ideas. I look forward to helping my students succeed and building their confidence in mathematics! 


* All high school and middle school mathematics

* AP Calculus

* AP Statistics

* AP Physics

Dayita S. (In-person and online tutoring)

Tutor since September 2017

I am an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania. I have 3 years of tutoring experience in algebra, calculus, chemistry and ACT/SAT preparation. I am very passionate about teaching and hope to see all our students succeed. 


*All high school math

*High school chemistry

*ACT (Math and Science)

*SAT (Math)

*SAT subject tests in chemistry and math

David G.

Tutor since April 2017

I am a currently a Bible teacher at a Philadelphia Christian high school. I recently obtained  a Master’s degree in Theological Studies at Palmer Theological Seminary. My passion is to teach and disciple young people in the areas of purity and holiness. I enjoy being involved in areas of health and fitness and teach Spinning classes at a local Spinning studio. My passion for teaching, by God's grace, fuels me to someday obtain a doctorates degree in Christian education.



* Elementary School reading, writing, math, science

* Middle school reading writing

Lindsay J.

I am a certified teacher in English and TESOL, and I currently teach high school literature. I have experience in tutoring math, SAT, reading, writing, test-prep, and more. One of my passions is helping students overcome challenges and seeing them succeed in areas where they struggled before. Through various evidence-based educational strategies, methods, and practices, I look forward to helping you succeed as well!


* English Language Arts

* Literature

* Reading

* Writing (Elementary to Graduate Level)

* Research Papers


* SAT/PSAT/ACT (all sections)


* Algebra